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Our Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum offers exciting opportunities that our children would not normally have access to in their day to day lives. For example, last year children from our school performed in an Opera at the Theatre Royal in Norwich, took part in a children’s conference of Curiosity at Ironmongers Hall in London, worked with an artist to create sculptures for display in a touring exhibition and cooked bread in our outdoor oven to experience life as an ancient Greek! 


This year we are excited to be reviewing the Bishop’s Curriculum and the teachers have been working hard to create a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of the learners in our school and takes them beyond the national curriculum to an exciting and ambitious world of learning.





I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

Inspired by Jesus’ promise to his people, it is our vision that the curriculum at Bishop’s Church of England Primary Academy will develop the whole child in the fullest sense to enable them to thrive and maintain their well-being through all the opportunities and challenges that life brings.

We promote high standards of attainment and progress throughout the school whilst also broadening children’s experiences, exciting them about learning and engendering curiosity and a desire to learn more.


By the time a child leaves Bishop’s they will have had the opportunity to:

  • Contribute positively to a school family where they are loved and cared for

  • Experience a rich, varied and exciting curriculum

  • Make the most of their God given talents

  • Celebrate success and know what it feels like to be celebrated

  • Develop a sense of learning as a lifelong gift


Children will be equipped with significant knowledge, skills and understanding to access the next stage of their learning.


Children will have a sense of identity with the local area and feel empowered to take responsibility within their communities and become courageous advocates for change.


Children will be able to reflect upon how the school's core values are a set of values for life that can be adapted to any situation.


Children will understand the need to live harmoniously in their multicultural community, a multiracial Britain and an ever shrinking world.


Children will understand the importance of maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind to enable them to thrive.



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Religious Education

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