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Promoting Positive Behaviour

We have developed an attachment aware approach to promoting positive behaviour

We work with vulnerable and challenging children whose behaviour interrupts their own and other’s learning. Behaviour is a language and all children need to be supported to understand their emotions and develop self discipline. Staff in school strive to understand what is driving the behaviors of an individual and what can be done differently to enable a secure base and support them to be the best that they can be.


We live our core values

We use the language of our vision and core values to ensure a consistency of approach. Our Agreed rules are rooted in this framework and will be displayed prominently in every classroom and around the school. When discussing behaviour with a child we always ‘frame it’ using this language.


We give importance

‘Let the children know that they are loved’

St Don Bosco

The deepest desire in human nature is the desire to feel important. That’s why praise and reward work. Giving importance is different for everyone - we all value different approaches and have different interests but we are consistent in making the pupils in our school feel important. We teach then that their behaviour and effort makes a difference to their learning.


We work with you to promote a positive behaviour pathway

We strive to enable a positive pathway for each individual child so that they have a sense that they are contributing positively to our school family. At each phase it is essential that the child and parents/carers engage fully and work towards the positive pathway.

Our system is simple, equal and fair and we subscribe to a set of transformative consistencies that permeate our practice and interaction with children: