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Bishop’s is an inclusive learning community rooted in six Core Christian values.

Our community code - Everybody safe. Everybody happy. Everybody learning  is underpinned these core values and our commitment to knowing all children as individuals and working hard to understand and meet their needs.


Equality of opportunity

Children are individuals. Our aim is always to allow equality of opportunity and to achieve this, we understand that provision will vary. This policy aims to provide as much guidance and information as it can but there will be a whole range of personal plans and individualised provision in place in the school at any time. This support has to be flexible to support the children effectively; it would not be possible to outline everything here.

Consistency builds trust

Our close work with families and in the community has demonstrated that to give our children the best chance of being at their best we need to provide a consistent, calm and emotionally stable environment for them.

We use the language of our core values, community code and vision to ensure consistency of approach. Our Agreed rules are rooted in this framework and will be displayed prominently in every classroom and around the school. When discussing behaviour with a child we always ‘frame it’ using this language.


Promoting a positive behaviour pathway

We strive to enable a positive pathway for each individual child so that they have a sense that they are contributing positively to our school family. At each phase it is essential that the child and parents/carers engage fully and work towards the positive pathway.

Our system is simple, equal and fair and we subscribe to a set of transformative consistencies that permeate our practice and interaction with children:


We give importance

‘Let the children know that they are loved’

St Don Bosco

The deepest desire in human nature is the desire to feel important. That’s why praise and reward work. Giving importance is different for everyone - we all value different approaches and have different interests but we are consistent in making the pupils in our school feel important.


We promote our Core Values 

Each class has a ‘values wall’ that promotes our core values, community code and vision. Children are recognised for making a positive contribution and this effort is celebrated on the values wall. There are central  values walls that promote positive contribution beyond the classroom and in the wider school community.


We celebrate positive contribution

It is vital that we use good role models regularly. Therefore, every day, in every class, the children are used to model exemplar behaviours and positive contribution. Staff will make explicit the link between these behaviours and learning.